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The Croatian Coastline

The Croatian coastline is often regarded as one of the best sailing destinations in the Mediterranean. It stretches from Umag in the North to about 40km beyond Dubrovnik in the South, offering a varied and interesting coastline, hundreds of islands and a number of National Parks. As the crow flies it is probably not much more than 500 km from the Slovenian border to Montenegro, but to sail the entire coast and include all the islands, you would cover a few thousand kilometers.

Croatian Coast Slovenia to Montenegro

The first decision anybody wanting to charter a yacht in Croatia is therefore going to have to make, is to decide which area they want to sail in. To assist with this we have divided the country into three and given a brief outline of each area, including access to international airports, associated with each one below.

The North Slovenia to Zadar

The Middle Zadar to Hvar (our normal flotilla area is in this region, and we sail from Murter)

The South Split to Montenegro